Reality + Perspective = The Blessed Life!

- Erin Shoup

"Will it ever get done?"

I feel like I repeat this title several times a week in my head, wait, maybe several times a day. I know, I know, everyone is busy.  People run around like chickens with their heads cut off, and the days continue to go by everyday and we NEVER GET IT ALL DONE. Well, at least I don’t . 

Is this really how it should be.

Did God design us to be this way?  

I told you it was bad.  Here are some of the highlights of my day today (SHOULD YOU DARE READ FURTHER???)- 

* I got the kids to school on time today and only forgot to sign one folder for Jackson. 

* I called the groomer. My poor Minnie can hardly see for all the hair in her eyes.  

* My kids just arrived from school and they are doing a science project—with food coloring- in my kitchen.  (It WON’T end well. I’m not going to go look right now either.)

* My floors haven’t been mopped in 3-4 days.  I say this as I...

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Like a Boss!

- Cristy Jenkins

Let's be clear. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Sweet Momma. You're the one who makes it happen. Every. Single. Day.

You're the one who answers 4072 questions before you enjoy your first cup of coffee / Ningxia in the morning.

Everyone says men go out and slay giants. And they do. But YOU, you slay a whole different beast.

* YOU go after boogers no man would even THINK of conquering.

* YOU wipe hineys and teach toddler hygiene.

* YOU meal plan and load bowl after bowl into the dishwasher.


And before there was an army, navy, FBI, CIA YOU patented paci and blankie reconnaissance. YOU truly have eyes in the back of your head.

That missing shoe? No problem: it's under the cat's food container. 


And you make each day happen. You deserve the BEST! YOU deserve an Essential Rewards box. You pinch every penny til it screams and YOU deserve to be rewarded... not just on your birthday or Mother's Day or anniversary. YOU deserve a reward...

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It dawned on me- this is what I actually asked for

- Elizabeth Vasquez

It was one of those mornings. You know, the one where you may or may not have stayed up waaaaay too late binging on your latest Netflix obsession (The Crown) instead of getting the rest your tired-mom body needed.

I heard their cries. Not an I-fell-out-of-my-crib-and-I'm-bleeding-out cry, but a cry that meant my attention was immediate and necessary.

Upon entering the nursery I was slapped in the face by the pungent smell of TT by, not one, but three, three panicked babies whose Huggies failed. Yes, all three were sagging & dragging :-)

It was in that sleepy split second, in the midst of toddler pandemonium, when the gift of choice came upon me. I could either react negatively and willow in emotional dysfunction or... deep breathing...

...I could choose to let love, and purification, win the day.

(Still deep breathing.)


It dawned on me... I wanted this!

It was in those quick moments that I was reminded that this is what I prayed for- not TT soaked bed...

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Comparing your worst to someone's "best"

- Ashley Franks

Comparison is the thief of joy. We have all heard that one. But let's just get down to the nitty gritty- women compare themselves.

A lot.

I think it's just how we are wired. We have this internal desire to be the best at whatever we do- motherhood, being a wife, business, just life in general. So we judge our lives against those around us to see how we are stacking up. It's an awful (and very discouraging) revolving door of emotions. 

The problem is that we are comparing our worst to our friends' best. You think your friends are posting their "junk" on Facebook for the world to see? No way! Think of your girlfriends' Facebook timelines as their "highlight reel." You're only getting the good stuff.

It took me a long while to understand this concept and I want to share the story about how I learned not to compare myself or my journey. 

I have been traveling and singing Gospel music in some capacity since I was 15. As long as I can remember, music is the only...

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One of my secret gadgets for Fall / Winter Wellness

- Cristy Jenkins

I’m gonna share a little secret with ya…

In two words….

Ready……(wait for it) :  Nasal irrigation.

One of our MUST-HAVES for wellness is this handy nasal spritzer.

What do you do with it?

Simple recipe of filtered water, pinch of sea salt, pinch of baking soda (optional) and 1 drop Young Living Tea Tree oil.

(DO NOT GO to your local drug store and pick up tea tree oil. It’s is one of the MOST highly adulterated essential oils on the market. Trust me, you DO NOT WANT to squirt harsh chemicals, synthetics and all sorts of nasty up your nose… You don’t!!!!! Touch!!!)

The trick

We use this handy dandy trick early and often during the fall and winter. Tell those wellness detours to take a hike! And enjoy your nose this season!!

<3 #OverflowWellness #MommasTip #BeWellThisYear #NosesAreAwesome

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Large family laughable #379: Have you ever left one of them behind or lost one?

- Cristy Jenkins

Everyone is always asking us certain questions. Questions like “Have you figured out what causes it?” (That’s the number 1 question: hence the title of this post as question #2.)

I guess when you live “large family” everyday you forget that these questions are truly curious for the less-large family folks. Well, most of them are. I think everybody has figured out that main question we get

So, today’s pop quiz: “Have you ever left a kid behind?”

Related and also asked: “Have you ever lost a kid?”

Answer: “Yes. I have left a kid behind.”

Judah. Number 7 in the line-up. Now, how could you ever leave this one behind?!
So recently, in fact, that I’m not even 24 hours have elapsed since our last episode. This morning I declared no fewer than three times “everyone go load up in the van.” Out to the van we all go. Everyone is buckled.

Toddler is...

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I (think) I survived my midlife crisis

- Cristy Jenkins

In my younger, whipper-snapper days, I remember being introduced to a very curious term: Midlife Crisis. The topic always seems to revolve around a man, usually in his 40s, who bought a bright, shiny new sports car, died his hair blonde and started wearing lots of gold jewelry. It was this idea that when you hit a certain age you go berserk and start doing things you wouldn’t otherwise have done. These men were mocked, laughed at and whispered about behind their backs. I assumed a “midlife crisis” was just some weird phenomena that only happened to middle-aged men.

Until it happened to me.

One day I woke up with nine kids, two of whom I barely knew, from a different culture, language and life history. Soon after, my husband joined my business venture, while continuing to work full-time at his ministry job. Before I knew it, six of my kids were enrolled at the local Waldorf school. And I was still home with three kids. Then we...

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I SECRETLY did yoga at the YL Fit event and actually loved it :-)

- Cristy Jenkins

(originally posted 11/11/2015)

So last week Young Living came to town for- not one, but- twoamazing events! The second was geared towards business building (did you know a lot of people are earning a nice side income– or more- as Young Living distributors?). The first was the “YL Fit event.”

Now, I had a ton of misgivings going into this one. I thought, “Snap! They want me to wear yoga pants and exercise in front of other people?!”

You may have thought the same thing. (That may be why you might not have come?)


What really happened?

Yes, we did “class” from the floor. It was a great change-up from the “tables and chairs” thing!

Let me lay your suspicions to rest. Let me lower your anxiety level. Yes, I had those questions. But, this was an incredible event. We learned about stretching. We talked about mindfulness- of just being aware of our body and how it was feeling....

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Cristy's Top 5 Tips to Look Good & Feel Good!

- Cristy Jenkins

Ok, so here’s the whole truth: If I had a quarter every time someone’s jaw dropped when they discovered I have 9 kiddos, I’d seriously be a multi-millionai re. Not exaggerating!

The sequence of questions is always the same:

Them: Are they all yours? (Emphasis on “all.”)

Me: Yes

Them: Do you know what causes it?

Me: Yes

*Ahem… usually, if they’re asking Andy, this is where he says something like, “Yes, I do… I really enjoy it, and I’m really good at it… So, I thought, Why stop!”- you should see the expressions we get back, as if they didn’t raise the issue on their own

If I’m talking, the conversation continues more like this…

Them: Do you have a TV?

Me: Yes

Them: Are any twins?

Me: No

Them: Are you Catholic/ Mormon/Bored/ Crazy?

Me: No

Not fully satisfied with my answers, the shock and awe continues with phrases...

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Yes, sometimes I feel like a ping pong ball ;-)

- Cristy Jenkins

Some weeks I feel like a ping pong ball.

Awake, quiet time, referee the toddler, exercise, pause exercise to help a kid, finish exercise, check email, make my shake, answer 543 questions from kids, respond to a text, listen to the latest life hack my daughter shares, answer a FBpost/comment, return a phone call, pick up and snuggle the toddler who is asking “hold you”, change the load of laundry over, print out the DL report, read a book to the 5 yo, email an issue to my platinum support, make the bed, help 5 yo with math and reading, serve snack, sneak to bathroom to shoot a video explaining a new promo, clean up spilled cup from snack, etc, etc, etc…

Oh, I could have kept going……

I was telling Andy last night about my heart and how I missed the days of just focusing on the kids, then I realized that those days never really existed bc there is always *something* that needs my attention.

And such is the balance of...

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